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.COM domain name - Generic

The .COM domain extension is the oldest and most popular. We all know .COM, even if we can’t recall what it originally stood for. The .COM domain was intended for commercial organisations but this has long been forgotten and now it’s just three letters at the end of most domain names. The .COM domain extension is instantly recognised which has led to many non-commercial websites adopting it.

A number of countries have also launched their own second level domain under their country code domain. They serve the same function as the .COM domain. Countries doing this include Australia .COM.AU, Greece .COM.GR, Japan .CO.JP, and the United Kingdom .CO.UK. If you’re looking to start your very own blog or get your business online, a .COM domain name is a good place to start.

In the late 90s, with more people getting the Internet at home, a gap in the market was spotted and we saw the birth of dot-com companies. Up until this point, a business with a website was rare. The dot-com companies existed only online, with a warehouse for stock - Amazon being the most famous.

The arrival of .BIZ in 2001, representing businesses, could have impacted the .COM domain extension. But no, it remained the most popular domain for websites, email, and networking.

There are dodgy websites in the .COM space, no registration restrictions mean that anyone can register it. But even with this chink in its armour, the .COM domain extension is still the most memorable and recognisable TLD, due to its age, reputation, and rich history. It remains the king of the domains!

There are no registration requirements and it’s such a memorable extension that if people can’t remember your web address, the .COM domain is the one they’ll automatically choose. The end of 2015 saw nearly 300 million domain name registrations globally, with the .COM domain extension representing 120 million. Let’s add some more!

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