.biz.cy Cyprus Domain Name

What is a .biz.cy domain?

.biz.cy is the country code domain extension (ccTLD) for Cyprus, the island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although Cyprus has extensive cultural ties to Greece, it is not under Greek control. Cyprus has a great deal to offer businesses including a strategic location, a highly skilled workforce, and a strong consumer market. It is also a tourist hotspot thanks to its Roman ruins, Byzantine castles and, of course, long stretches of white-sand beach.

Why register a .biz.cy domain?

Cyprus is a populous island country situated to the southern region of Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very wealthy European territory with economic activities primarily focused on the tourism, service, real estate and finance industries. Multinational firms believe that Cyprus has an excellent climate for making investments because of its stable economy and lower cost of living in comparison to other European nations. Overseas investors also want to take advantage of its geographical privilege being located within the proximity of three continents namely Europe, Asia and Africa. This means more opportunities to make profits and expand business farther.

Cyprus is indeed a great place for your next business venture. But before you make investments in this territory, buying .biz.cy domains would be a smart move.

  • .biz.cy domains make your website look more professional. This is essential for brand expansion in Cyprus since the educational level in this country is very high. Consumers would expect that you are able to represent your company name in a professional way.
  • .biz.cy domains make your website local. This is necessary if you want to win the Cyprian trust and encourage them to engage and respond to your website.
  • .biz.cy domains make your website address unique and different from your competitors. Online shoppers will find it easy to recognize your page in spite of other websites having an almost similar spelling or theme. Little things like this matter in gaining sales.
  • .biz.cy domains are helpful in organic SEO and driving quality leads to your website. Internet users in Cyprus use the Cyprian version of Google: www.google.com.cy. All searches made through this search engine will get mostly local results.
  • .biz.cy domains help in building your online credibility. Only companies that are able to comply with the documentation requirements can use the .biz.cy domain extension. If your website is ending in .biz.cy domain suffix, customers understand that your business in legit.

.biz.cy Requirements

What are the registration requirements for .CY domains?
The .CY registry asks that commercial entities provide a copy of their company commercial licence. Individuals are asked to provide a copy of their ID card or passport.
.CY, .COM.CY or .BIZ.CY:
There are no requirements for these extensions.
In order to register an .ORG.CY domain, the domain owner must be a non-profit organization incorporated in Cyprus.
In order to register a .NET.CY domain, the owner must be a Cypriot Internet or Telecommunications Service Provider.
Domains are registered by calendar year; therefore the expiration / renewal date will always be on 26 of December every year, independent of the registration date.

.biz.cy Price

Register $66.65/yr
Renew $66.65/yr
Transfer $66.65/yr