.co.tz The United Republic of Tanzania Domain Name

What is a .co.tz domain?

.co.tz represents the official domain of Tanzania, a country located in East Africa. It is currently managed by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority. Remember, by using a web address that identifies you with the country, you have a better chance of attracting the local public.

It is important to note that previously you could only register under the .co.tz TLD, but on July 1, 2022 the second level domain was launched directly as .co.tz . Among the requirements to acquire a .co.tz  domain, it is not necessary to reside in Tanzania.

In Tanzania, the official language is Swahili and they also communicate in English. This can be attractive for international investors who want to have a presence in this East African country, and the .co.tz  domain is what you have been looking for!

.co.tz  is the contry code ccTLD domain of Tanzania. In a simple way a .co.tz  domain name serves to identify you with a name, product, brand, ... in the Internet through a web page or other services such as email. 

.co.tz  represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Tanzania. This ccTLD was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities affiliated with Tanzania

Why register a .co.tz domain?

  • Tanzania is a nation located in East Africa. It is best known for its safaris, mountains, national parks and rich natural resources.  The economy of Tanzania is reported be the 12 largest and most successful in Africa. More than half of the population depends on agriculture for employment and source of income.
  • .co.tz  domain is the simplest option if you want to reinforce your affiliation with Tanzania. It emphasizes the legitimacy and credibility of your business to conduct business in this country. This is crucial in attracting targeted customers and building a large client base.
  • .co.tz  domain is the best choice if your target clients are primarily based in Tanzania. Using a country-specific website address can emphasize your commitment to serve local consumers. It is also the easiest way to define your audience and “inform” search engines such as Google and Bing that your web content are intended for internet users in Tanzania. This is essential in local targeting and creating a laser-sharp internet marketing campaign.
  • .co.tz  domain is the right choice if you want to strengthen your brand promotion strategy. TZ is the most popular domain suffix in Tanzania and adopting this ccTLD can make your products more popular in this region. Customers are able to identify your brand and get a strong recall to your goods. This is a crucial factor in marketing and promotion.
  • .co.tz domain is an excellent choice for companies using organic SEO methods. ccTLDs such as (dot)TZ are SEO-friendly and compatible with Google optimization rules. Your site will have a higher rank and natural traffic will be generated to boost your sales.
  • .co.tz domain can reduce your advertising costs. Because of its branding and SEO benefits, there is no need to rely completely on paid online marketing campaigns to attract new customers. People will find your business via Google by just searching for related keywords.

.co.tz Requirements

There is no specific procedure related to the registration of a domain name.
.co.tz domain names are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

.co.tz Price

Register $125.90/yr
Renew $125.90/yr
Transfer $125.90/yr