.com.sn Senegal Domain Name

What is a .com.sn domain?

.com.sn is the contry code ccTLD domain of Senegal. In a simple way a .com.sn domain name serves to identify you with a name, product, brand, ... in the Internet through a web page or other services such as email. 

Why register a .com.sn domain?

Senegal is a former colony of France located in the west coast of Africa. The territory is known for its rich French heritage and a center for transport and shipping activities. Agriculture and tourism are the main sources of revenues. Senegal is an attractive investment destination because environment allows healthy competition between local and foreign companies. The quality of living is also exceptional and a combination of African and French lifestyles making the country a unique place to conduct business. On top of that, the people of Senegal are educated and highly qualified to work in many types of job.

Before you invest in Senegal, the first action you have to take is to register your own .com.sn domain website. This move is beneficial in the following ways:

  • .com.sn domain extension can help you establish a professional online image for your business. The ccTLD of Senegal can emphasize that your business is legitimate. It shows that your company met all requirements in order to use this ccTLD.
  • .com.sn domain extension can provide a less complex way to promote your brand name locally. By using Senegal’s country code, you are able to penetrate the online market of this country. This is important in order for local consumers to get to know your brand.
  • .com.sn domain extension can make your target audience smaller and more specific. From the internet marketing perspective, a specified audience is more practical and less costly than aiming for a global client base. When your website URL ends with .com.sn, it is easier to attract quality leads.
  • .com.sn domain extension is SEO-friendly and compatible with white hat optimization methods. If you want a high page rank in Google, using a ccTLD can help you achieve that goal. This is an essential aspect to look at when trying to boost local traffic.
  • .com.sn domain extension can lessen your reliance on paid ads. Because of its SEO advantages, more clients will find your business by doing a simple keyword search in Google. This is essential in driving traffic to your site.

.com.sn Requirements

In order to register a .SN or .COM.SN domain, the domain owner must meet the following requirements:
1.The owner must be a company (from any country). The owner can not be a natural person.
2.The domain name must reflect the name, initials or name of a product of the owner.
The .COM.SN domains are registered by calendar year; therefore the expiration/ renewal date will always be on December 31st every year, independent of the registration date.

.com.sn Price

Register $41.50/yr
Renew $41.50/yr
Transfer $41.50/yr