.in.ua Ukraine Domain Name

What is a .in.ua domain?

This extension is the official top level domain of Ukraine.

The .in.ua domain is a sub-level domain of the official country-specific top-level domain of Ukraine with the ending .in.ua - since 1992, interested webmasters around the world can buy their own .in.ua domain and to register. 

Why register a .in.ua domain?

  • In particular Ukrainian companies can benefit from the advantages of the .in.ua domain, because the combination of the country code UA and the abbreviation "com" demonstrates a clear business-orientation in Ukraine.
  • Of course, it is possible for foreign companies and private individuals to buy and register an own .in.ua domain. Explicitly if your business is commercial connected to the Ukraine, the .in.ua domain is a good choice. Also internationally operating companies can take advantage of the domain and register their own .in.ua web address.
  • There are some domains that are directly related to the .in.ua domain: This include among others the official Internet country code top-level domain of the European Union with the extension .eu, as well as the Hungarian .hu domain and the Slovenian .si domain.
  • Statistics ,In total around 665,000  .in.ua domains have been registered since 1992 - approximately 38 percent of this number are registered  .in.ua  domains. The competent registry has recorded absolutely about 255,000  .in.ua  domain registrations. Thus, the sub-level domain is one of the most popular domains within the Ukraine. The trend is continuous; within the last five years the number of registered  .in.ua  domains has almost doubled.

.in.ua Requirements

There is no specific procedure related to the registration of a domain name.
.UA domain names are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.
Restrictions / Allocation Rules:
Any holder of a trademark valid in Ukraine
Domain name:
The domain name has to be an exact match with the trademark name

.in.ua Price

Register $38.50/yr
Renew $38.50/yr
Transfer $38.50/yr