.inc Domain Name

What is a .inc domain?

Launched in 2019 , the .INC, short for “incorporation” has been impressive. Domains have been registered in over 40 countries and territories,an interesting fact for countries where incorporation is not a legally-recognised type of business.

Why register a .inc domain?

  • Millions of company names end with "Inc." Now your website can too!
  • "Inc.", which is short for for "incorporated", refers to a legal entity recognized under the law as a person. It's a popular suffix for businesses, and projects expertise and reliability. Now, incorporated entities can look forward to communicating this same credibility right in the body of their domain name, thanks to the upcoming .INC domain extension. 
  • Instead of resorting to a nondescript, overly long .COM domain name, any business that uses the "Inc." abbreviation in their title could register a .INC web address. With a trustworthy .INC domain name, the full title will be spelled out before and after the dot. 
  • The .INC domain ending means business, and is poised to offer these corporate gurus a trustworthy destination.
  • Companies can use .inc domains for anything business-related, from corporate sites to newsrooms, investor relations pages, employee portals and more. This domain ending also ranks globally in search engines and can be registered in the official languages of over 190 countries and territories.

.inc Requirements

There is no specific procedure related to the registration of a domain name.
.inc domain names are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

.inc Price

Register $3223.79/yr
Renew $3223.79/yr
Transfer $3223.79/yr