.org.al Albania Domain Name

What is a .org.al domain?

The .org.al extension is the Albanian territorial extension. This was created on 1992 and it's managed by akep.al.  At first it was restricted to Albanian Companies, but now is possible to register albanian domains even for companies and individuals outside the country.

Why register a .org.al domain?

  • .org.al is the country code for Albania, the must have domain name for all Albanian individuals and businesses.
  • .org.al gives your website a stronger connection to Albania's 2.8 million people, speaking directly to your audience and their home.
  • A .org.al domain doesn't mean you need to give up your existing .com address: ask us how we can help you to easily point your new .org.al address to your existing domain.
  • Show your connections to Albania with your own .org.al domain today.
  • .org.al domains provide the most professional way to compete in the Albanian digital markets. Since majority of companies and government agencies in Albania are using this domain extension for building an online presence, it would be a wise move to adopt the (dot)AL suffix too. In this way, internet users will know that your business is dedicated to serving the Albanian online consumers.
  • .org.al domains provide the easiest and quickest way to localize your web page. Localizing your website can be a strategic method to boost local traffic volume and increase the conversion rate of quality leads. This means that more users from Albania will find your website through a simple Google search.
  • .org.al domains can increase the response rate of online shoppers and may also encourage them to make a purchase. Digital consumers are known to trust websites which they can identify as “local” or operating within their proximity. Hence, using the Albanian domain extension will likely maximize your sales.
  • .org.al domain extensions are compatible with White Hat SEO so you don’t have to worry about getting penalized by Google. In fact, country code domain extensions are as important as generic TLDs like .COM and .ORG.
  • .org.al domains provide a unique URL address for your web page. This is essential if you want target customers to have a quick recall to your website. 

.org.al Requirements

What are the conditions to register a .al domain name?
Are individual Albania .al registrations allowed?
- Yes.
Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for Albania .al?
- Yes. Companies: Provide Tax ID number (any country), and contact person's ID or passport number. Albanian companies provide NIPT number along with passport/ID number.
Individuals: Provide government ID card or passport number.
Are some .al domain names restricted?
- Yes. Registering trademarks owned by third parties, spamming activities including viruses and hacking tools, activities illegal under Albanian law are prohibited.
Company or legal entities registrations allowed for Albania .al?
- Yes.
Do I need a trademark / brand name to register .al?
- No.
Does domain .al have a special use?
- No.
WHOIS Privacy service available for .al?
- No.

.org.al Price

Register $37.50/yr
Renew $37.50/yr
Transfer $37.50/yr