.org.ls Lesotho Domain Name

What is a .org.ls domain?

.org.lsrepresents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Lesotho. 

Why register a .org.ls domain?

  • Lesotho is a landlocked South African Kingdom known of its mountainous landscape and network of rivers. The economic activities of this country is based on livestock, agriculture and mining. 
  • .org.ls also stands for: list, light speed, link state, live search, little sister, Levi Strauss, local search lifesaver, live stock, lucky star, Luke Skywalker, Lost Saga (online game), lucky strike, lunar surface, LAN server, leap second, and many more.
  • .org.ls domain extension can help protect your trademark. Your trademark might already been registered in .COM extension. But having it registered in other ccTLDs will provide further protection. This is important to avoid misuse of your brand name and prevent copyright infringement.
  • .org.ls domain extension can help promote your brand name in the online market of Lesotho. Since it is the most widely used domain suffix in this territory. Hence, it makes sense to adopt this ccTLD for your online presence. This is essential in order to help internet users recognize your site’s relevance in this country.
  • .org.ls domain extension can help you in creating a professional online reputation for your business. It shows that your company has connection with Lesotho even without explaining it in your website. This is important in order to penetrate the digital market of Lesotho.

.org.ls Requirements

There is no specific procedure related to the registration of a domain name.
.org.ls domain names are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

.org.ls Price

Register $248.00/yr
Renew $248.00/yr
Transfer $248.00/yr