.sport Domain Name

What is a .sport domain?

The .sport domain is a new digital space for the sport community, by the sport community. Launching in early 2018, the .sport domain extension will serve the worldwide sport community, including governing bodies, clubs and teams, individual athletes, brands, media companies and others connected to sport and athletics.

Why register a .sport domain?

  • We’re kicking goals on a new digital domain - .sport domain. More than ever, is the importance of developing the right strategy for the digital age!
  • .sport domain is extension created by the Sport community, for the Sport community.
  • Whether we're hoofing it on the field of competition or spectacting from the sidelines, sports are a global pastime for millions of people. Now the global online population can take our universal athletic obsession off the field and into the online arena, with the .sport domain extension.
  • By choosing a .sport domain you are selecting a one-of-a-kind online destination for your business and brand, creating a credible website that will be easily visible to your customers.
  • If you are looking to expand or create your brand within the sporting industry, register the digital version of your brand with a .sport domain to prevent any other person or organization registering it.
  • Games, rules and team spirit may change from sport to sport, but the passion for competition unites us all. The .sport domain is the top choice for any online presence dedicated to the world of sports.
  •  For the countless athletic organizations, the .sport domain ending provides a first-place online presence to reach out to fans. Likewise vendors and partners of these athletic organizations and teams, who may not be directly related to the sports industry otherwise, can create a dedicated presence on a .sport domain web address to showcase their affiliation with these organizations.
  • Sports and the people who enjoy them make up a hundred-billion dollar industry -- made up of sporting goods, licensing, athletic events, media production and endless stores of content. With .sport domain names, these many branches comprising the world of athletics can be united them under one organized, recognizable online namespace. 

.sport Requirements

.sport domain names are available both to individuals and entities. These domain names can be used only for sports-related projects — when placing an order, you should specify the purpose of registering the domain name. The .sport Administrator will verify whether the specified information complies with the applicable .sport registration policy within five days.

.sport Price

Register $565.77/yr
Renew $565.77/yr
Transfer $565.77/yr